Self-employed credit without proof of income.

If they then need a loan for the self-employed, this must be done without proof of income. The self-employed and freelancers often reach the limits of the credit system. It is difficult for the self-employed to prove a secure salary. Therefore, finding a loan for the self-employed without proof of income is very popular. Proof […]

Housing savings credit: real estate

This is an offer put in place to encourage individuals to save more while benefiting from the advantages offered by subsidized loans. Indeed, after a phase of remunerated savings, you will benefit from a mortgage at an advantageous rate. This loan can finance the purchase of your home without any conditions related to its operation. […]

Understanding consumer credit

If we refer to data from the Belgian Central Credit Unit for Individuals as of 2014, almost 66% of consumers who applied for a loan opted for consumer credit. This figure shows how much this means of financing contributes to the household budget. The dual role of consumer credit Consumer credit therefore has its place […]

Loan Term – Compare different lenders

Many translated example sentences with “credit with term” – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Find out more about our loan offer. The credit period describes the term of the environmental loan. There can be different terms between which the lender can choose. Variable interest rates and loan terms for monetary and real […]

Postpone and replace the loan only with a high closing rate.

    This also means that the bank that granted the end-of-life vehicle loan also agrees to rescheduling or repayment. Converting car loan is often the only way to get the letter here. Letter from Santander received that the loan had been repaid in full and therefore I am free of any claims. and replace […]

Loans for the self-employed? This is how it works!

It is often much more difficult for self-employed people to get a loan than for normal employees. As a self-employed person, you usually need a loan much more urgently than a normal employee in order to further develop your business activities. Many banks refuse to lend to the self-employed. Most of the time, the reason […]